155 Sycamore St, Glastonbury CT 06033

155 Sycamore St, Glastonbury CT 06033

Neuropathy Webinar: Breakthrough Treatment


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Treat Neuropathy Once & For All?

Don't put off the nerve pain relief you need any longer! Our Neuropathy Treatment Program has helped over 90% of neuropathy patients get pain-free and enjoy life once again. Become our next success story TODAY.

Get back to living the life you deserve with FDA approved Neuropathy Treatment

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New Patient Neuropathy Special

At Pinnacle Pain Management & Weight Loss, we don't play games when it comes to your health. Our doctors identify the root cause of your pain and treat it at its source using cutting edge and FDA approved technology.

Will It Work For You? What About Insurance?

For a limited time, we are offering this special opportunity for those suffering and want a natural option that is 98% effective! Why continue to just try and cover up symptoms while the entire time your nerves are dying?

We offer this chance to learn about new breakthroughs in nerve treatment that regenerates nerves so they can function properly. Medicating symptoms or just learning to live with them is not working to heal anything! 

Our patients get results! Here's your chance to find out if our approach will work for you for only $99 (regularly $299).


  • No Surgery

  • No Shots

  • No Harmful Medications

  • No Side-Effects

  • Sleep Well at Night

  • Enjoy Independence During the Day

  • 100% Non-Invasive

  • Over 90% Success Rate!


When your quality of life is stifled by discomfort; Pinnacle Pain Management and Weight Loss will come to the rescue. We peel away the layers of physical restriction and discomfort with the safest and most up to date medicines and therapies. At Pinnacle Pain Management and Weight Loss it is our mission to optimize your well being so that you can live life on your terms, with out limitations.

Patient Testimonials

"I was injured in 2003, tried other therapies, but in 6 weeks at Pinnacle I feel 50% better!"
- Joyce

"I feel like there's nothing wrong with my hands... like I'm 20 years old again!"
- Charlie

"My feet would go numb and I'd feel off balance after 3-5 minutes standing. Now after 1 month with Pinnacle's treatment, I don't have these same symptoms."

Would you like to get similar or possibly even greater results?

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